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Terms and Conditions

Please ensure the society wardrobe team read these terms of hire as careful packing and handling of the costumes is essential.

1. In these conditions the expression “the Company” shall mean Northern Costume Hire and the expression “the Hirer” shall mean the person, firm or company making the reservation.

2. Full or part wardrobes may be hired; pricing structure will remain firm for sixty days.

3. Where hire charges are for a “full wardrobe” the expression “full wardrobe” shall be taken to mean:

a. All those costumes in those sizes normally carried by the Company, specified in the Company’s costume plot for principal performers.

b. All those costumes in those sizes normally carried by the Company, specified in the Company’s costume plot for chorus and dancers. Any maximum number will be specified in individual wardrobe plots.

4. The Hirer will be deemed to hire the complete wardrobe for which a supplied costume plot, unless at the time of making a reservation the Hirer stipulates to the contrary in which event the Company reserves the right to amend the hire charges.

5. In the event that a reservation is cancelled by the Hirer for any reason whatsoever, a cancellation fee shall immediately become payable to the Company.
Where a complete wardrobe* has been reserved, the sum payable will be calculated as follows:

Cancellation less than twelve weeks but more than eight weeks before the opening night — 50% of the hire charge
Cancellation less than eight weeks but more than four weeks before the opening night — 75% of the hire charge

Cancellation four weeks or less before the opening night — the full hire charge.

* Please note — for calculation of cancellation fees a complete wardrobe will be deemed to be all costumes listed for principals on the costume plot plus 18 female and 6 male chorus members and 8 dancers.
In all other cases the sum payable will be equivalent to the relevant hiring charge for the number of costumes reserved.

The Company agrees:

6a. To supply on hire a set of costumes in accordance with the costume tariff supplied

b. To make the costumes available in time for a dress rehearsal on a date to be mutually agreed. The Company is not responsible for any delay in the arrival of the goods after they have been delivered to the carrier for forwarding.

c. To supply all costumes in a clean and reasonable condition, reasonably in accordance with the measurements submitted and appropriate to the show/play/event for which they are hired.

d. To make all reasonable efforts to ensure that all costumes supplied are safe to wear, and do not include items which may cause damage to persons handling the goods. NCH will not be responsible for any damage that may arise from handling such goods. Please note, measurement labels are attached to the costumes using sharp pins and care must be taken when unpacking the costumes.
e. To charge carriage at cost unless otherwise agreed.

The Hirer agrees:

7a. To pay the Company a security deposit – amount to be agreed upon booking. A credit will be raised for any such deposit and placed on the customer’s account. Credits will be applied to the final invoice.

b. To supply the Company with accurate measurement information at least 6 weeks before production dates. Measurements to be given in inches for each member of the cast requiring costumes and recorded on the measurement documents supplied. All measurements forms can be completed on computer or may be printed for manual completion.

c. If hiring a part costume set, to indicate clearly the costumes required from the standard set within the costume plot.

d. To treat all costumes/props hired with care, whilst in their possession.

e. To make good any alteration, loss or damage not to cut mutilate or damage any costumes or props supplied. Minor alterations may be made by hand stitching only. Sewing machine alterations and the use of “wunderweb” type iron on tape is not permitted.

f. To insure the goods on hire against all contingencies, including abandonment of production, theft and malicious and accidental damage.

g. Not to remove costumes/props from the rehearsal room, hall, theatre or place of performance except for slight alteration, cleaning or any other reasonable cause.

h. To check and CAREFULLY pack the goods for return after the final performance. Costumes must be returned in the same manner they were dispatched i.e. on hangers in the dress bags. The dress bags must then be placed inside the zipped bags for security during transportation. All hats and parasols to be packed in strong boxes separate from the costumes, to avoid damage. Failure to pack costumes/accessories as requested may result in an additional charge.

i. To pack the costumes/props ready to return to the Company’s premises by the agreed date, normally the Monday following the final performance. Alternative collection days can be made by arrangement.

j. To pay the company within 14 days from the date of invoice, the full amount of the final invoice. The Hirer will have any existing credits paid as security deposit, less any deduction for loss or damage (if appropriate) applied to their outstanding account when all costumes have been returned, checked and full payment received.

k. The Officers and Committee of any hiring society shall be jointly and severally responsible for the payment of hire charges and the carrying out of the above conditions of hire.
l. All costumes supplied, even if not used, will be charged for in full unless:

i. They are returned, carriage paid, by the Wednesday of show week. In this case a preparation/alteration charge of £10.00 may be made

ii. We are unable to provide an exchange of costume as requested, if the costume requested is outside the normal sizes carried by the Company
The Hirer must give the Company the opportunity to exchange any costume which is deemed unsuitable by the Hirer with reasonable cause otherwise (l.) above will apply.

m. To pay the replacement cost of any damaged costume, costumes or properties.
n. To pay the replacement cost of any accessories or costumes not returned to the Company. It is important that the Hirer checks the costumes on delivery and notifies us of any missing items immediately. These will then be forwarded to you. Failure to do so may result in a charge being levied for these missing items.

The Company shall have no liability to the Hirer for its failure to perform any contract if such failure is caused by circumstances beyond its control including, but not limited to, strikes, lock outs or other labour disputes, shortages of labour or materials, riot, civil commotion, flood, fire, breakdown or war.

Please note once the goods have been dispatched from our premises we are not responsible for their safe delivery to the Hirer although we will always do our best to assist with any problems experienced with the transportation.

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