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Individual Hire

Costume Hire

Due to increased workload with our theatrical costume bookings, we are unable to accept any requests for individual hire at this time.

We have over 20,000 theatrical costumes (we no longer supply fancy dress for hire) of all periods available to hire on a one off basis.


You can contact us here, or telephone us (01282) 817351 with your requirements and measurements (in inches). We currently require approx 48 hours notice for any costume requests. Enquiring with the necessary measurements will get you a faster response.

Gents Measurements: Height, Chest, Waist, Inside Leg, Collar

Ladies Measurements: Height, Bust, Waist and Hips

Military Uniform

We do stock a small amount of military uniform for hire. All uniform is genuine and is dependent on measurements. It is suitable to give you the look of 1940's soldier but should you require a specific rank or require it to be  fully badged to look authentic, you would need to contact a specialist provider.

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