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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make an enquiry?
    Click on the 'Contact Us' tab in the top menu bar and submit a message in there or alternatively you can email us: or telephone: (01282) 817351.
  • What happens next?
    We will respond to your query as soon as possible, usually the same or next day. If you are enquiring about a show, we will send you our costume plot along with our measurement forms and other documentation.
  • How do I place an order?
    Complete and return the contract and delivery documents and send us your completed measurement forms 6 weeks prior to the start of your show.
  • Do you accept late bookings?
    We will always try to accommodate customers who may have a late booking; however, depending on existing commitments at the time we may not be able to guarantee your preferred delivery dates.
  • Do I need to use your measurement forms?
    We prefer our customers to use our forms. They are designed so that we can use copies of them to attach to individual costume sets for your cast members. This makes it a lot easier for your wardrobe staff to allocate costume.
  • How do I fill in the measurement forms?
    All our forms that require input from you can be completed on computer and returned via email. Alternatively, you can print them out and complete manually. All costumes required must be listed on the forms and all measurements must be supplied in inches.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit?
    A deposit payment is an offer of good faith and is always welcome. Many societies will forward £100 - £150 along with the contract. This would be representative of 5-10% of a typical order value for a full show. We will raise and forward a credit to you for any advance payments made. This will be applied to your final invoice for the full cost of hire.
  • Can I have costumes that are not in your costume plot?
    We normally supply to our plot but are always willing to appraise your 'wish list' or consider a director's preference. We stock around 25,000 costumes but can only supply what will actually fit your cast members.
  • Can I visit to look at costumes?
    We allow visits, but by appointment only. Please visit our 'Booking A Visit' page for further information.
  • What costumes for photocall?
    We are willing to supply costumes for photocall providing you have returned your measurement information in good time and we have received sufficient notification of your requirements.
  • When will we receive our costumes?
    We normally ship using a fully trackable next business day service on the Wednesday in the week prior to your show dates as long as measurements are submitted to us 6 weeks in advance. If you have a late booking (less than 6 weeks before production), we will always try to accommodate you; however, depending on existing commitments at the time, we may not be able to guarantee your delivery dates. We will send full tracking information when your costume set is due for delivery. We can also offer out of hours delivery and collection if customers require this service. As well as this we have our own man and van service which is available for local deliveries.
  • How will they be packed?
    Costumes will be supplied on hangers, in garment bags, grouped together and labelled for each character. They are then packed in an outer canvas bag for shipping. The bags are packed to 15-20kg in weight. Hats and specialist costumes are normally packed in boxes.
  • Can I organise my own transport and collection?
    If you would prefer to organise your own transport that is fine, just let us know your requirements. If you intend to collect and return yourself, again just let us know. Costumes are made available for collection after 2:00pm. Please complete and return the transportation document with your details.
  • Can I exchange costumes
    We are always willing to exchange costumes as long as we have the requests in good time.
  • What about unforseen circumstances?
    Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any issues with cast dropouts or substitutions. More major issues such as show cancellations or abandonment are beyond the scope of this FAQ section but are fully covered in our Terms and Conditions document.
  • What do we do after the show?
    Repack the costumes, on the hangers and in the bags, you do not have to keep character sets together but please keep ladies and gents costumes apart and pack in separate bags.
  • How do we return the costumes?
    If you have asked us to arrange return carriage, we will supply the necessary labels on the Friday prior to the return on Monday. We normally collect costumes on the first Monday following your last performance date. We can vary this by arrangement. If you are returning the costumes yourself, please ensure the consignment is insured for loss.
  • When do we have to pay?
    We will issue an invoice for the full cost of your hire including any carriages for a few days after despatch, normally after you have started your production run. The invoice will be issued with 7 day terms.
  • How do I pay and what about any credits I have?
    We issue an invoice for the full value of your order as all your costs for the costume hire are on one document. You can remit payment by Cheque, Credit Card, or BACS transfer (preferred method). Any existing credits paid as deposit will be applied to your account. If you have paid such a deposit you only need to remit the difference.
  • What next?
    We would love to see any photogrpahs you may have of your production. With your permission we will gladly display them in our gallery on the website.
  • My question isn't answered here?
    Please contact us at: or telephone us: (01282) 817351 with any other questions you may have.
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